The Credo



FUTURES is the startup accelerator of LDJ Productions, an innovator in global event management, production, technologies, and creative services.

We invest in solutions that amplify brand experiences for diverse corporate clients in Technology, Fashion, Beauty, Finance, Automotive, and Media.

The Ideal ECO-SYSTEM participants

  1. Startups focused on technology, product innovation, and disruption
  2. Investors who are looking to grow their emerging technology portfolios
  3. Partners looking to take advantage of a clear technology development pipeline
  4. Mentors who are willing to share expertise and best practices
  5. Clients who are looking to showcase new technology within their events, creating bold, new, and diverse experiences for their attendees
  6. Universities looking to offer internships to current students or expand their current offerings to include an off-site component focused on startupa


  • 360 / 3D Video Applications
  • Ambient Information Capture
  • Augmented Reality
  • Content Capture, Monetization, and Dissemination
  • Data Visualization
  • Dynamic A/V and Lighting Interfaces
  • Event Management Software and Mobile Applications
  • Event Registration and Communication
  • Event Website Build with Mobile Optimization
  • Geo-Location Services
  • Holographic Technology
  • Indoor Drone Tech
  • Interactive / Digital Learning
  • Lenticular Animation and Display
  • Mobile Wifi and Networking Solutions
  • Online Production Studios: Advanced Multimedia Tools
  • Physical-to-Digital: Vocal, Handwritten, Gestures
  • Presentation Technologies
  • Project Management Software
  • Projection Mapping
  • Reactive Digital Media & Signage
  • Real-Time Attendee Analytics
  • Recognition Softwares (Facial, Spatial)
  • Semi-Artificial Intelligence
  • Touchscreen Applications
  • Virtual Reality

The Workshops

FUTURES Firesides is our monthly speaker series available to all FUTURES participants and alumni. Firesides is devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short powerful talks + open floor Q&A and will focus on startup stories, engineering and technology leaders, operational best practices, business development and sales strategies, and  a variety of other developing topics based on our community feedback (what our community is craving, we’ll match the content speaker).

The objective is to share ideas, discuss successes and failures, spread knowledge from industry experts, continue the education of each startup participant, and keeping our ecosystem dynamic and vibrant.

Workshop schedule is available upon selection to the program, including all past content.


Q. When is the next batch?

A. We are now accepting applications for Batch 1. Apply HERE.

Q. Is FUTURES an incubator or an accelerator?

A. It’s neither and both at the same time, but it’s also so much more. FUTURES helps founders manage their startups through a unique program that accelerates the process of finding authentic demand and building a company around it. The FUTURES program compresses this into 6 month batches, and pushes them to actively pitch clients through our shared services platform.

Q. How is Futures similar to programs I know about? How is it different?

A. All programs are different and we're no exception; so you tell us:

  • Many teams will apply but only between 5-10 will be selected within each batch
  • Every accepted team receives a $10,000 investment from our growth fund
  • We connect teams with mentors who have vast experience in the startup community
  • Teams work in a great, newly renovated space in the West Village (can't beat the location)
  • Each batch runs six months, culminating with a live investor presentation (aka Demo Day)
  • We are a combination incubator, accelerator, and agglommerator. Incubator because we're focused on nurturing and growing the business from the inside, helping strengthen the core. Accelerator because we provide robust mentorship and funding opportunities throughout. Agglommerator because we push our startups, clients, and relationships together to form mutually beneficial relationships.

Q. Can you help us find additional funding outside of FUTURES?

A. Yes. Many active angel investors and venture firms with early stage interests are looking to work with FUTURES teams.