Startup Selection Lead, FUTURES  |  Producer, LDJ Productions


Danielle DeZao joined LDJ Productions as a production assistant and returned 2 years later as Executive Assistant to CEO, Laurie DeJong, while managing all company social media accounts. By Laurie’s side, Danielle gained hands-on experience in a multitude of client-facing areas including overall event coordination and production, backstage management, show-calling, and business development.

She applied these learned skills towards her combined role of Production Assistant/Event Coordinator while still supporting Laurie and was promoted to a Project Manager position in 2015.  Most recently Danielle was promoted to a Producer role at LDJ Production and manages many of the operational aspects of the LDJ|Futures eco-system.  Danielle appreciates every step of the process, from creative conception to onsite execution. Danielle actively seeks opportunities to take on the most demanding and difficult tasks and will do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth event and air of calm.

With her experience managing many of LDJ’s high profile clients, she will play a key role in the integration of the Futures cohorts into the LDJ existing client base, as Startup Selection Lead.  She also manages the Agency branding/PR partner and assists with overall branding and marketing for LDJ|Futures.