Our adviser network is made up of industry leaders and change makers.


Our experts come from a wide array of focus fields, and are leaders in their respective fields.


Our mentors are here to guide and provide our startups with operational insights, connections, and opportunity.

The MENTOR Doctrine

Our mentors are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience. They work with FUTURES startups without expectation of reward or compensation and are here to share their knowledge and guidance freely, often opening up their own networks.  Our mentors are what make us unique, and the success of each startup is partially a result of the generous contributions of each mentor.  So what does it take to be a mentor?  You must...

  • Be altruistic; expect nothing in return
  • Tell the truth and be opinionated
  • Listen
  • Hold information in confidence
  • Know what you don’t know; nobody is perfect
  • Guide, don’t control. Teams must make their own decisions
  • Be willing to let advice come from other mentors as well
  • Stay postive
  • Be challenging and provide specific actionable advice

The Notable Points

  1. Stay in touch! We only know as much as you tell us about your interest, your availability, and your ability
  2. There are many reasons to mentor; know what your reasons are and make sure they are the right ones
  3. Mentors in this community are not financially compensated and should expect nothing in return
  4. Remember that much of what you’ll be exposed to is highly confidential, sometimes including the company’s participation in FUTURES, so please do not discuss the company outside the FUTURES walls without the company’s permission

Mentors are an important part of what makes FUTURES great, so thank you for your interest in giving your time and energy to our community, and let's get started!