The Details & THE Prerequisite

Our multi-faceted approach provides a thriving and innovative environment for startups to receive support and hands-on business education, truncated while also enhanced, to streamline the learning curve and prepare them to be used successful by LDJ on an event as soon as their individual product is read.  We aim to nurture each startup through a program tailored to their specific needs, pairing them up with the right mentors, other client opportunities, and investment possibilities within the LDJ Productions and FUTURES network.

Our program is open to startups that meet these specific criteria:

  • Be classified into a program category tied to “technical production”
  • Address a market void or be innovative within a current market
  • Make use of new technology
  • Have a working product that is in market or that has a real timeline for launch

Interested startups can apply below and all applications will each undergo a pre-screening phase with approval given 6 weeks prior to the start of the new term. All startups must have a working prototype of their product, have some initial customer feedback, and have begun entering the market OR have a go-to-market strategy and timetable for product roll-out.

Once accepted, startups begin their first 6 month term and will have 24/7 access to their individual desk space and the FUTURES community board & internal resources. After the first term has ended, startups may re-up their commitment for up to 2 additional terms at the same rate.

Mandatory Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Innovative use of technology (hardware or software) as part of your solution
  2. Have a working prototype (at a minimum) that’s in the market or ready-to-launch in market
  3. Able to show evidence of market validation, such as customer research or feedback
  4. Have the potential to grow and scale
  5. Have a “lean” business model and an effective pitch deck

Desired Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Have a 12-month forward cash flow model and an annual organization budget
  2. Pay yourself as a founder

Admission to FUTURES is competitive and we strive to create a collaborative community that represents a rich variety of sectors and industries.

The Brass Tacks

Accepted startups receive $25,000 in exchange for a set equity percentage, with FUTURES having the option to increase the total investment by way of a convertible note up to a $200,000 total cash investment.

The Benefits

  1. Connections to an eager and motivated client base through LDJ Productions’ vast array of annual, semi-annual, and new business client opportunities, as well as our long-term established vendors
  2. An ever-growing network of investors
  3. Open, collaborative, and modern space in NYC's West Village (Leroy Street, cross Hudson Street)
  4. Designated desks, 24/7 access, bookable & equipped meeting rooms, unlimited free coffee & snacks, and roof access for meetings
  5. Staffed reception and enterprise guest sign-in for all startups
  6. Mentorship from an extensive list of business experts in myriad fields and entrepreneurs in-residence and advice
  7. Collaborative environment and inherent peer-to-peer knowledge transfer / sharing of best practices
  8. Educational startup speaker series (FUTURES-Firesides) and planned networking events & opportunities
  9. Included OR market-discounted services from a variety of partners and preferred vendors
  10. Opportunity to work as strategic partner of LDJ when services are needed
  11. Connection to myriad funding opportunities
  12. Gigabit connectivity, with redundancy to mitigate service interruptions
  13. Panel presentations to receive Q&A on business processes,  growth strategies, market adoption, staffing, and cash flow management
  14. Investor Demo Day at the end of each batch and a Client Presentation Day during each batch
  15. FUTURES Intranet and life-long access to FUTURES networking & content portal

The Afterlife

Upon completion from the FUTURES program, every alumni will have access to steady and continued engagement within the FUTURES environment.  We are continually negotiating partnerships for value adds to help ease the transition out of the FUTURES program.  Each program graduate will have unlimited access to the FUTURES community and: may attend workshops, reserve or drop-in for use of conference room space, access to intranet for job/talent posting resource center and continued use of our alumni network.

Batch 1 applications will be accepted starting August 1st, 2017 running through November 15th, 2017.  The application is live, but no applications will be read until the period listed above.

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